Format and Layout of Your Book

Getting us the right files in the right layout.

After your quote has been approved we do request you send us your cover and text as seperate files.

On this page we will go over getting your book into a proper format in order to send it to us.

(Please send all files in PDF format)

Your Cover

When the cover is sent to us it needs to be in one large image including the spine as seen below.

-For help figuring out how large the spine needs to be, download our calculator below.

Download Spine Calc.

What is bleed?

In making your book, we need a little bit extra image on your cover and anything in your text that you want to end at the far side of your page, to ensure that color will show up all the way around the page.

For example, if you have a picture that covers one whole page and you do not want any white showing, we need you to either make the image slightly bigger than the page or add color to the sides of the page.

We ask that you do this so that we can get a good trim on your book, have color on every edge and to make it as close to the size as you want it to be.


Text File

  • Please ensure the pages are ordered with odds being the front of a page and backs even.
  • Text pages must be in the size of the finished book to ensure proper formatting.
  • Please convert any images you have not designated to be printed in color into a grayscale version to ensure accuracy.


Do a once over and make sure you got it all.

  • Cover- finished size, spine width, bleed
  • Text- spelling, position, finished size, bleed (if any)
  • Spine alignment- is all the vertical text on your spine on the same line?
  • Cover Margins- are any text close to the edge on your final size?
  • Page numbers- if applicable; if correct, odds on the front, evens on the back
  • Blank pages- blank pages in the front sometimes look like something is missing
  • Margins- will the text be too close to the spine? We recommend moving the text at least ¾” away from the spine for ease of reading, but final size is up to your discretion.